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Welcome to Likeminded Goddesses Community

Welcome to Like Minded Goddesses. On this website you will discover your community of women who unlocked their potential to become passionate professionals in various modalities. This community is made by us women for us women; we share the journey of empowering Inner Strength. With us you will explore information, practical tips, advice, and tools on how to discover your own talents as a woman, elevate your energy and frequency, and become the best possible version of your true Feminine Essence. A glimpse of the Like Minded Goddesses Community can be experienced at our daily Kundalini Morning Yoga sessions where you’ll gracefully awaken your feminine energy through movement and connection with Mother Earth. Visit our “Events” section to join our circle and begin your journey of Inner Feminine Strengths. Until then, gracefully explore our website to learn more about our seminars, upcoming events, and trainings. Divinely grateful for you, Natalia Sushkova

What Can We Help You With?


More Joy & Sensuality

Jade Eggs Sessions, Training device for intimate muscles empowerment, Geisha’s Techniques, Method “Alpha-Rythm”


Intellectually Active Brain

Jade Eggs Sessions, Training device for intimate muscles empowerment, Geisha’s Techniques, Method “Alpha-Rythm”


More Energy

Jade Eggs Sessions, Training device for intimate muscles empowerment, Geisha’s Techniques, Method “Alpha-Rythm”


Women’s Circle

Women’s energy is horizontal. When we gather together we recharge. Flowers do not compete, they just bloom!


Red Tent Moon Ceremonies

Red Tent Moon Ceremonies – special Women’s Circles while Menstruation. We share within the knowledge of our Ancestors on how to use this special time of the month.


Kundalini Yoga Everyday

Kundalini Yoga is powerful New Age tool to maintain high awareness, coop with society while being bombarded with flow of enormous amount of information

Our Services


Feminine Practices, The breath-work, Telegony or Cord cutting from previous relations, AKASHIK RECORD INDIVIDUAL/GROUP SESSIONS, Relationships Healing Session


Individual Sessions with Simulator to prevent or recover sexual failures in men’s health, It is pleasure to welcome you, man, to your site page. It is the right decision!


Kids Yoga and Mindfulness, For age 2-16, Fun Yoga classes can be organized for a group of kids, gatherings for a birthday, as an individual class or unite the whole family together!

Our Blog

Russian Scientists Prove DNA Can Be Reprogrammed by just our Words and other outside Frequencies THE HUMAN DNA IS A BIOLOGICAL INTERNET and can be reprogrammed. Russian scientific research explains the human supernatural phenomena such as clairvoyance, intuition, spontaneous and remote acts of healing, self......

Cosmic Channels exists and it’s been known by ancient civilizations and by our ancestors for centuries. It’s been not only know by our ancestor but also used in everyday life for many purposes! There is a version that is how Egyptian Pyramids were built! These......

Early morning is the time of Sattvic Energy. When The Earth, Nature, birds, and animals wake up. When you do your morning practice from 3:30 – 7 am you tune in with nature, recharge the body and mind with the pure, divine sattvic energy. This......

What is Reiki? If translate from Japanese: Ray is a spirit, soul, ki is energy, reason. It is one of the varieties of power healer, examines all diseases from the point of view of the energy of life. The high consciousness of it defects energy loss or surplus in corresponding......