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Natalia Sushkova
Hi, I’m Natalia

Hi, my name is Natalia, nice to meet you!

Welcome to LikeMinded Goddesses Community Website!

This site is created to support Women of Dubai and UAE with spiritual guidance.

As well as is to promote Spiritual Guides in various modalities, develop community and create Divine Projects.

I use the power of feminine energy to heal the body, soul, spirit, and relationships.

I am a well experienced, certified Kundalini Yoga Teacher, Instructor in ancient Taoist Sacral Feminine energy/longevity practices. With eight years of experience of global workshops, private sessions, and consultations awaken women to empower their lives through the mastery of personal health, wellness, sexual vitality, practices of conscious connection and sacred love.

I have a background that includes studies in various forms of exercising to strengthen Yoni muscles and healing bodywork modalities. I have had extensive training and certifications by numerous legendary teachers such as Lin Bao, Mantek Chia, Michael Roach, Shiv Charan Singh, and others.

My story

Since childhood, I’ve been interested in Mysticism; I had (still have) a lot of questions and searched for the answers. Through my experience in coping with life’s challenges such as divorce, depression, bad habits, emotional instabilities, health issues I have tried many modalities and learned to help people like I helped myself. Areas of practice include Kundalini Yoga, Relationship Coaching, Taoism, Shamanic Breath Works, Holotropic Breath Work,  and more.

There is so much information on the Internet about spiritual development, women empowerment, intimate muscles development, that a new person can be lost. That is why I have decided to unite women in Dubai into the community to support each other in our Journeys in Life, gather for Women Circles to recharge each other and share our inner wisdom. Feel free contact me with whatever questions on here or my mobile: 050-8402210

I am here for you

Peace to ALL,

Light to ALL,

Love to ALL

Health and Abundance to ALL