Like Minded Goddesses | Why do we use channel such as Reiki?
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Why do we use channel such as Reiki?

Why do we use channel such as Reiki?

What is Reiki?

If translate from Japanese: Ray is a spirit, soul, ki is energy, reason.

It is one of the varieties of power healer, examines all diseases from the point of view of the energy of life.

The high consciousness of it defects energy loss or surplus in corresponding organs and systems of our physical body.

It is finding out distortion of power shell of a patient, the Master of lath through the hands satiates this zone energy of life of “ki” synthesized to them from surrounding space(Space), i.e. creates, as becomes firmly established, channel of “clean” energy of lath Reiki feeds the damaged organs and systems of patient that, restoring all distortions in his power shell. Thus, healing of lathis produced. By investigation of it, as a rule, there is rapid renewal of health and normalization of all functions of the organism.

The use of the channel Reiki is important to increase your awareness. When some challenges happen in your Life, your reaction can be that you become sad, you might think a lot about an argument with someone, or “what could have happened better, or what if I didn’t say that and this…and on …and on…” This how our mind works. With the amazing tool like Reiki you are just opening the channel towards the situation, circumstances, people and send them this beautiful Cosmic energy of Love, then just wait how EVERYTHING sorts out by itself in the best positive way for you and others. Welcome to our courses-attunements to become Reiki Channellers:

We teach Reiki Cosmic, Igdrasil, Kundalini and Shamanic.

Or simply connect to us to recharge yourself on the wonderfully recharging session by One of the Masters.


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