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Jade Eggs Sessions

Jade Eggs Sessions.

What is the Jade Egg and how it can help you in Life?

For centuries in the ancient traditions of Thailand, China and Japan women used Jade Eggs to empower their intimate muscles.

For European women body structure the Jade Eggs work perfectly for the Pelvic Floor. As was written in the Famous Ancient Chinese Tractate “Knowledge of Yellow Emperor” – the main source of wisdom of Taoism, …”if the petals of the flower can be closed that even one drop falls out, the energy stays within and immortality can be found..” The meaning here that if the Pelvic Floor muscles are strong enough and hold the liquids in the immortality can be known… Jade Eggs are the perfect tool to empower statically, every day the intimate muscles…

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Training device for intimate muscles empowerment

This Device is very unique in terms of how fast women’s intimate muscles respond. The work on this training device will do your intimate muscles super strong, sensible to the new pleasant feelings, deep orgasms, will cure from frigidity. It cures from the prolapsus of organs of small pelvis, from the prolapsus of uterus, from out-of-control urination. It restarts and powerfully recharges the lower chakras, and also by drawing the energy up it charges all other chakras. Book your session now to be REALLY unique for your Loved One: 050-8402210

Geisha’s Techniques

Geisha’s Techniques or Fellazio. How to become the real Goddess in a bedroom. Know the most unique techniques of perceptible games, massages, different woman secrets and receptions and you will become unique for HIM

Method “Alpha-Rythm”


The Invention of the Russian scientists and no analogues presented  in the world. It is effectively used already more than 10 years.
What does it do?
– Normalizes cerebration;
– Promotes capabilities;
– Drives to balance work left and right hemispheres;
– Restores and normalizes work of the nervous system, hormonal system and immunity;
– Beneficially influences on a common bodily and emotional condition;
– Assists renewal after physical and psychological traumas, operations;
– Takes away the consequences of traumas of brain (family traumas, concussions, hypoxia, anesthesia);
– Helps effectively to get along at the daily psychical loading, stress;
– Very effective against depression;
– Improves quality of sleep, helps against insomnia and other problems with a dreaming;
– Releases from anxiety, irritability;
– Improves memory, promotes cognitive capabilities, more information allows to master.

Duration of reception 1 hour.

1. EEG Diagnostics and selection of ALPHA-RYTHM.
2. Consultation.
Decoding of inspection and recommendation.
3. Record of melody with Your OWN High ALPHA-RYTHMS.

This melody is given out to you on hands for the further independent listening, attunement and

There are no contraindications

More than 10 years of successful use of the methodology by many specialists, doctors, scientists, psychologists spread all over Russia and post Soviet Union Territories. It is highly recommended by all of them for the efficiency and beneficial effect on people. Melody with own YOUR Own ALPHA-RYTHM is recommended to have to ALL: children, teenagers, adults, healthy and sick.

95% of our clients feels significant improvement from the listening of Your Own ALPHA-RYTHMS. It does return to the state of calmness and harmony, they became more healthy and happy!

Book the One Time in the Life session: 050-8402210

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