Like Minded Goddesses | Men Sessions
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Men Sessions


Individual Sessions with Simulator to prevent or recover sexual failures in men’s health

It is pleasure to welcome you, man, to your site page. It is the right decision!

Have you heard the expression “Everything is possible?”

With the work we offer and the special product YES!

“Everything is possible!” – becomes everyday Truth!

With uniquely designed energetic exercises, special complex-device “Imphlex” which helps to strengthen sexual energy,  control ejaculation and fully restore men’s health.

The simulator “Imphlex” – invented by Russian scientists and the space agencies to restore and maintain the functions of hip-bed muscles of the cosmonauts. After being long period of time in the Space cosmonauts learn even how to walk again!

Now for 15 years the Simulator “Imphlex” is the best device, which supports and fully restores men’s and women’s health, sexual energies and libido. Men have an erection, controlled ejaculations, prolonged quality intimacy! Women have sensuality, deep multiple orgasms, youth of the skin, sparks in the eyes!
The simulator also elevate energetic level of individual, activate brain functions and intellectual activity.
Don’t drink pills and chase mythical herbal medicines! Your power is within! Just unlock it!
Try Imphlex!


Breath-works for Men

You would agree that you need clear mind and great focus to make the right decisions in Life!

You would agree that it is very fundamental to be very fast and creative at business meetings and negotiations!

How to access fast to the memory stored in your mind?

How to build this fast truck bridge into your subconscious to help you with intuitively correct decisions in regards of choosing the right business partners and employees?

Nothing can be indispensable for your cheerful mood from this success!

And it is not only the mood, but the health, deep sleep even on the plains, focus in reading important contracts, reports etc!

You are in control of everything if your awareness is high!

The Key is the Breath – yes simple! Until you try it…

The Ancient Secret of the breath –  The breath is very effective tool, which we have with us all the time and not even thinking about it this way. We underestimate this amazing feature of our being and taking it for granted. But actually it can distress, purify our systems, bring clarity and focus to the mind. It plays significant role in how we feel physically, emotionally and energetically. Over 80% of the emotional and physical impurities in the body can be eliminated through the breath. However, most of us only use 35% of our lung capacity and do not use the potential of the breath to detoxify and cleanse ourselves.