Like Minded Goddesses | Breathwork
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Our role with you is to help you harness the power of breath-work through We 3 types of very intense and powerful types:


Holotropical Breath-Work

Unlock your connection to your inner healer

This is a very special method for personal exploration, transformation and healing. Through the 3 hours interpersonal breathing you will build the connection to the “Inner Healer” and with the help of its navigation dive into the body feelings, subconscious mind and ecologically-slowly release, transform deep traumas, negative emotions, stored in memories from the past. Very powerful Integrational work follows through a Mandala drawing.


Shamanic Breath-work

With this kind of extraordinary breath and special sounds, you will dive deep into transformational trans to experience the inner microcosm, connect and harmonise it. This breathing is essential to practice for people who’s work involves creativity and communications as it is very profoundly clearing the Throat Chakra.

Sudarshin-Kriya Kundalini Pranayama

Powerful rhythmic breathing technique which is detoxifying on all levels: physical, emotional, energetical and mental.

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