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Feminine Practices


Feminine Practices or Womb-building

Through this practice, you will discover Feminine sources of Energies within, improve your sensuality, increase the level of your self-confidence, and discover an abundance of practical knowledge about sexuality, relationships… etc.

So why is it so essential to train the intimate muscles?

You may think who cares about the intimate muscles?

It is not even exposed…

From immemorial times in the East Traditions the great attention was paid to the health of the body. As in a healthy body is the healthy spirit. For all the time of the existence of mankind many techniques and tools were invented that help to support youth, health and beauty. One of such means were practices in the development of intimate muscles, which women trained even their daughters from age 6-7, in some traditions even from age 2.
The most known from those are The East Tantric,  (Sahadjoli), Tao (Dao) practices. In our days such practices are called Wombuilding. Unfortunately in the West this topic was a taboo for a long time and  remained closed for discussion. Moreover, the topic of sex was considered an obscene. As a result of the inhabitants of the West not only lost a true taste of sex that led a large number of divorces, unlawful sexual connection and etc., but the health of women has deteriorated significantly, they have lost their femininity and charm.
In the east in the ancient times women were struggling to get the attention of the men. Kings were in addition to many wifes (number could be measured by the hundreds) again and the great number of sex slaves, slaves. And each of them would like to draw the attention of the King. Practice for the development of intimate muscles allowed to bring the man to orgasm, not making much of the external movements, only by contraction of all 3 group of muscles of vagina. This made the relationship between a man and a woman especially attractive.
However, the practices included not only this objective.
Wombulding allows:
– to strengthen the perineum muscles and make them more flexible
– improve blood supply in that part to ensure the influx of oxygen and nutrients
– to strengthen the diaphragm and the press
– maternity to pass more safely and quickly recover after it
–  increase the sensitivity of the erogenous zones
– hinder the womb omission,  cervical cancer and other changes, as well as a number of diseases of ovaries
– for a woman to acquire particular attractiveness and femininity.
With time in the West doctors-gynaecologists were puzzled with women’s health and what to do about it. And in 1931, by one Gynaecologist named Kegel was created one of the first PRISCO Educational Training Center for the development of intimate muscles and in the 50-s this kind of inventions started to be produce in Russia.
All practices for the development of intimate muscles include a set of exercises on compression, reduction and exclusion.

Explore more about the sessions with the specially designed modern training devices and jade eggs to EMPOWER YOUR INTIMATE MUSCLES QUICKLY …

Brides Empowerment

This exclusive package includes a specially designed package on the Bride’s Empowerment. Includes:

  • Body Shaping (if needed)
  • Intimate Muscles Strengthening (even if the bride is the virgin)
  •   Bedroom scenarios and games
  •   Massages and Sacral touches Introductions

Our intimate muscles can be divided into 3 group of muscles. Each of this group responsible for particular type of Orgasm. This unique Device is designed to completely train all of the 3 group of muscles.

For the significant result minimum 10 hours is recommended in the beginning.

10 hours promotional package is applied

Intimate muscles Empowerment with Jade Eggs

Include a short bio with an interesting fact about the person.

Jade Eggs

Geisha’s Techniques

Geisha’s Techniques or Fellazio. How to become the real Goddess in a bedroom. Know the most unique techniques of perceptible games, massages, different woman secrets and receptions and you will become unique for HIM

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