Like Minded Goddesses | Tibetan Cosmo Energetic Channels with High Consciousness
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Tibetan Cosmo Energetic Channels with High Consciousness

Tibetan Cosmo Energetic Channels with High Consciousness

Cosmic Channels exists and it’s been known by ancient civilizations and by our ancestors for centuries. It’s been not only know by our ancestor but also used in everyday life for many purposes! There is a version that is how Egyptian Pyramids were built!

These particular channels were discovered by Tibetan Monks in deep meditations.
If you are familiar with Reiki, it is similar concept, the only difference that Reiki is the healing channel with love frequency and these channels are more specific. Some heals curtain diseases, some removes black magic and spells. Some clean houses, aura. Some finding people or lost things…

Methodology of work of Cosmic Tibetan energetic frequencies.

The Work out of these frequencies is better to do in a state of fatigue and tiredness.

Frequencies are divided in two basic groups:

  1. The Frequencies which are impossible to work with without preliminary work. Mainly these are informative frequencies and used to work on all kind of levels.
  2. Frequencies which can be worked straight after attuning.

And also frequency are divided into 3 groups depending on their QUALITIES.

1st Group of frequencies are called Tibetan Buddhist Frequencies

2nd is called Magic

3rd is Magistracy Frequencies

To proceed to the 2nd group the 1st group is must to worked out through your body, chakras and meridians.

The Tibetan group starts with frequencies :

“Farun-Buddha”,”Firast” and “Shaon” and work it out as follows:


  1. 20 minutes for Farun Buddha
  2. 20 minutes for Farun Buddha Firast
  3. 20 minutes for Farun Buddha Shaon
  4. And 20 min Farun Budha Firast Shaon

Total 1 hour 20 minutes. A music can be used on the background.

In standing position ONLY upright with the closed eyes, for the better results without interruptions, every day for 40 days.

At the beginning of every opening of the channel you must understand for what purpose you open frequencies. Try to “taste” the channel, what colors do you see during standing under each of them and try to smell every frequency. After completion each 20 minutes no need to close the frequency, simply open the next one and be aware under which channel you are. After the completion of work to the state “color, taste, smell” of the first three frequencies. The next following undertake of any three frequencies of the Tibetan group can be proceed. With every new series work passes quicker.

Magic group, Magistracy group can be taken only after completion of 4 channels described above.

Read description bellow about just some of them:

Buddhist Group

Name What works on
1 Farun Buddha Universal, burns, gastric ulcer
2 Kraon Treatment of blood
3 Firast (Egyptian Ray) Enuresis, buds, jinxing, witchcraft, corks in ears, deafness, treatment of hollow of teeth, thrombophlebitis, clearing of objects, stammer, mastopathys, gynecological diseases
4 Kurf Straightening of bones of skull of child( if a spring overgrew treating is impossible), removal of intracraneal pressure for adults
5 Suri-Sunly Eye, skin, festering, gangrenous, allergic diseases
6 Farun Straightening of backbone, salt, polyarthritis, osteochondritis, bones
7 Ranul Any Eyes problems
8 Channel of Saint Mohammad Healing of any wounds, elimination of birth-marks, warts, hair in unnecessary places. Allergy.
9 Channel of Saint Jesus Joints, pressure, throat, cold, temperature, polyarthritis
10 Channel of Saint Buddha Hernia, scars, breaks of hands, joints, stomach, any problems of Digestive system, tumors of Digestive
11 Channel of Saint Moses Respiratory tracts, liver of bud, stomach, Digestive, ulcers of Digestive, cancer diseases of stomach, tuberculosis
12 Sinrah Powerful Energetic Channel of Youth for women
13 Sinlah the Power channel of rejuvenation of men (prostatitis, adenoma, impotence)
14 Raun smoking, alcoholism, drug addiction
15 Ural cold flu, meningitis(noncontact), lungs and bronchial tubes(with imposition of hands)
16 Shaon breast, laying out of stones, sand in buds and gall-bladder (top-cleaning, bottom-treatment)
17 Dgilius Any diseases of blood, a heart is noncontact, liver, arcs on a spleen.
18 Risur (Divine space channel) the Gastro enteric diseases, buds, liver
19 Nanalis (Ancient Buddhist Channel) Allergies, Heart
-20 Zeus is energy of Gods of Olympus Renewal of chakras (energy centers). Opened on magic1 the Saint channel of Moses the Respiratory tracts, liver of bud, stomach, Digestive system, ulcers of Digestive, a cancer


Channels with the sign (-) no need to work out for 40 days

Frequencies of MAGICAL Group

Name What works on
-1 HUTTA – channel of 7th

space race

Very powerful to generally heal the body, high consciousness of the channel – cannot be controlled, recommended to open very rare 1-2 times during treatment (opened between a 4-5 chakra with imposition of hands)
-2 Gekkata Increase of mammary gland on 1-2 sizes, any diseases of breast, except a mastopathy
3 TATA normalization of weight (Balances Endocrine system), regulates metabolism in an organism
6 BONN – Channel of Flying Gods For yogis to levitate, work with seriously sicknesses for people who cannot get up from a bed, treats a fresh stroke, sick feet
-7 MOTHER Cleaning, treatment of serious sicknesses, energizes heavily ill people, healing of nervous stresses, derangements (a well is opened automatically)
-9 LUGRA Heales Animals (animals don’t have Lotuses)
10 AGNI Removal of depressions, stresses, it is possible to call a “taxi”
11 HUM – Earth Frequency Cleaning, defence, prevention of fights
12 Agni-HUM Neutral energy, on all types of heavy diseases
13 Do – channel Of ASTRAL trips Informative
-14 TOR REMOVES the dark energy (eliminates any form of black magic)
-15 LULI Heals Schizophrenia
16 MIDI – Earth channel Information, defense, channel of work with light SPIRITS of EARTH(BY THE SPIRITS OF NATURE)
17 Gectas Information downloading about anything or a question
-18 Moon Light Channel of anesthesia. Removes any pain, headache, tooth ache etc
-19 Sutra-Karma Removal of karma from previous generations(opened on a patient only one time)
20 1st Magical Channel Cleaning, defense, removal of spells, slander, jinxing, plot etc.


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