Like Minded Goddesses | Marina Ershova
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Marina Ershova

Marina believe that all dreams can come true and that we all live to pursue certain dreams. She finds fulfilment in life by supporting others in discovery and pursuit of their dream through unlocking their true potential!

Her coaching philosophy emerges from her life experience,synthesis modern achievement and ancient knowledge Psychology and Esotericism.

In her seminars you would a vast variety of effective techniques and tools where the interplay of conscious and unconscious learning process fully harness the potential of each learner on the course. Her goal is to help learners achieve successful results within the shortest period possible.

* Individual Coaching;
* Life Coaching Seminars & Workshops;
* Tarot & Syncrovision systems;
* Reiki Circle Meetups;
* Systemic Constellations;
* Yoga classes and retreats